Royal Enfield customization: Café Racer or Scrambler kit

Kit customisation Café Racer ou Scrambler pour moto Royal Enfield.

Since their arrival on the market in 2019, the Royal Enfield 650 Interceptor and Royal Enfield 650 Continental GT have captured the hearts of Europeans. These two roadsters, at less than €7,000, have stood out from their competitors.

For lovers of bikes with a neo-retro look, bet won: the Interceptor and the Continental are solid and efficient motorcycles. Café Racer motorcycles ideal for everyday use or on the occasion of rides that will leave no one indifferent when they pass. Find out how to transform a Royal Enfield Interceptor or a Continental GT into a Café racer or Scrambler .

seat cafe racer royal enfield continental gt 650

Cafe Racer Kit and Scrambler Kit for Royal Enfield

The Royal Enfields are motorcycles with incomparable charm. Flexibility and reliability of the engine, a strong identity and a pleasure to ride make them legendary motorcycles . Quality materials, neat welds and a clean electrical harness ensure a good finish. (Note: they come with a 3-year warranty .)

If the Café racer preparations generally apply to old motorcycles, there is indeed the possibility of emphasizing even more precisely the neo-retro aspect of the Royal Enfield Interceptor and the Continental GT 650. To do this, Blackpines invites you to discover the cafe racer transformation kit and the royal enfield scrambler kit .

If many dream of transforming their motorcycle into a Café racer , many are reluctant to start for fear of lacking technical skills. There remains the possibility of going through a professional preparer: a solution that remains expensive and not accessible to all budgets. However, you would like to modify your motorcycle, make it unique, but you do not feel able to complete your project. The answer to your problem: the cafe racer conversion kit.

royal enfield 650 scrambler interceptor

The Café racer kit and the Scrambler Kit are made for you if:

  • you want to personalize your Interceptor or continental GT;
  • you don't particularly want to break your PEL;
  • you are not a mechanical pro;
  • you would like to avoid spending entire weeks in your garage;
  • you don't want your changes to be irreversible.

In short, you want to drive a Café racer or a Scrambler and have fun without going through the technical documentation of your motorcycle.

Transform the Interceptor or the Continental GT into a Café racer or Scrambler with the C-Racer kits

Available now in our online store, the Café Racer Royal Enfield continental GT 650 and Interceptor kits and the Scrambler Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Kit allow you to easily achieve your personalized preparation goal.

Depending on your wishes, you can buy either the complete kit or the accessories that make up the kit separately:

Contents of the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Scrambler Kit

  • scrambler saddle;
  • side panels;
  • rear fender;
  • scrambler fairing;
  • headlight protection grille;
  • front fender;
  • scrambler rack;
  • radiator grille;
  • engine shoe.
royal enfield 650 interceptor scrambler kit

Contents of the Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Kit for Continental GT 650 and Interceptor 650

  • cafe racer saddle;
  • side panels;
  • radiator grille;
  • rear fender;
  • Cafe Racer fork fairing;
  • front fender.
cafe racer royal enfield continental gt 650 kit

    Note that on our product sheets, the colors are for information only. Indeed, the ABS parts are delivered in matt black, which allows them to be painted at your convenience.

    cafe racer royal enfield parts kit

    Kits without modifications and reversible!

    Royal Enfield C.Racer kits fit your Interceptor or Continental GT perfectly. Bolts and screws allow you to fix them without having to make any modifications to your motorcycle . You just have to position them and simply screw them.

    A fast and safe assembly which, in fact, operates in both directions. The reversibility of these kits gives you the possibility to modify your Royal Enfield at will. You can switch according to your desires between:

    • a classic Continental GT 650 and a Continental GT 650 Café racer;
    • a classic Interceptor 650 and an Interceptor 650 Café racer;
    • a classic Interceptor 650 and an Interceptor 650 Scrambler.

    In minutes, you drop off or mount your royal enfield kit to enjoy a radically different looking vintage motorcycle. Two motorcycles for the price of a kit made up of high quality parts, it's a perfect opportunity to take the plunge .

    Order your Royal Enfield C.Racer kit

    Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Kit

    Royal Enfield scrambler kit

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